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You can always count on AirPro Experts to get to you fast and get the job done right the first time. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and fix them fast. When you have freight to move, Sheer Logistics helps you ship it quickly, safely, and efficiently.

logistics company testimonials

If you’re currently not working with us, we invite you to become a customer and experience for yourself how we put the “plus” in Logistics Plus by https://www.usabusinessradio.com/how-to-start-a-dropshipping-business-in-the-usa-the-review-of-the-most-popular-ways-by-uss-express-delivery-llc/ doing all of the extra little things you need to be successful. Logistics was founded to make a mark in London’s Clearing and Forwarding industry.

Our Company

Sure enough, by the end of the day, Mary called with a solution. Knowledgeable and competent, both Carrier Reps managed my expectations and kept me informed at every step. “I’ve been working with Matchmaker Logistics for a long time–since dinosaurs roamed uss express reviews the earth, I like to joke. To put it another way, when I first became a client, my direct contact was the company’s founder, and I was an employee of F.W. Much has changed since then, but one thing remains constant—Matchmaker Logistics’ superior service.

logistics company testimonials

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Dedicated Logistics Partner

We recently hired Mitchell’sNY Logistics to assist us with setup, tear down, and storage for our NY trade shows. We will definitely be working with them again in the future. uss express reviews Mitchell’sNY Logistics have been a tremendous partner. They have never balked at going the extra mile to ensure that we provide a top tier customer experience.

  • Our rep is exceedingly responsive to finding the best logistical and pricing solutions for our shipments, with our myriad parameters kept top of mind.
  • This increased our need for pickups from multiple locations.
  • Our global freight brokerage system allows us to plan, optimize, and execute your most complex transport requirements.
  • When I called the most well-known shipping service in the country to inquire about a freight rate, I was floored by the price they quoted.
  • In twenty years, I cannot remember a single time when a customer has complained about Matchmaker.

I have grown comfortable leaning on Global Net Logistics team with some of my end of the day and “fun” requests. If the job didn’t seem possible or for any other reason it wasn’t going to work out, they spent just as much time and attention on the job as if they were able to help. The professionalism and customer care provide has been phenomenal. Vanderbilt 20 years ago, Matchmaker Logistics was already a respected logistics provider for the company. I had the pleasure of initially working with the founder of Matchmaker Logistics, Mr. Jim Skane, Sr.

What Shippers Want: A Dedicated Logistics Partner, Reliability, Value, And Service

Now with development on API connections, PAR level alerts and tracking, and access to any reporting I need, I won’t be going anywhere. The company was seeking the best rates in these lanes, but low rates usually don’t equate with the high-level service we need. When a 3PL didn’t babysit the load and a service uss express reviews failure occurred, we’d have to scramble, sometimes losing up to two days while we searched for another carrier. We stumbled and bumbled along like this for a while, until I was able to call Matchmaker Logistics to come to our rescue. Customer testimonials, reviews, and referrals are essential to us.

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2020 has proven to be quite a wild ride to say the least, and the willingness, expertise, and flexibility from your team has really softened the blow. STC continues to be an invaluable resource for us, and we aim to keep relations and communications strong on both sides.

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